Corporate Social Responsibility

Renewable Energy Education and Awareness

In 2019, despite the restrictions posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the teams at NewGen Energy Limited and Kenesjay Green Limited leveraged technology to engage in various youth development platforms in association with the Heroes Foundation. The online meet sessions fostered hour-long discussions focused on the importance of advancing Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Awareness projects. A direct result of the collaboration was that some 20 young students worked with the NewGen team to develop a project proposal framework and research paper schematic in either renewable energy, energy efficiency or energy conservation to enhance their school, home or community life.

Additionally, NewGen Managing Director. Philip Julien was selected to be included in The Heroes of Energy League Series which premiered in November 2021 and aimed to showcase the personal journeys of various energy sector icons. The theme and staging were highly relatable to the youthful audience, and tremendously motivational. The discussion forums were held on Sunday evenings using Microsoft Teams as the hosting platform, and were transmitted via Facebook live and YouTube streaming platforms to hundreds of families, students, and young professionals.

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