NewGen Signs MOU for Green Hydrogen Feasibility Study

Sets the stage for Carbon-Neutral & Green Hydrogen Supply to Tringen Ammonia Plant

NewGen Energy Limited (NewGen) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at progressing a feasibility study for the use of Carbon-Neutral and Green Hydrogen in the production of ammonia from the Trinidad Nitrogen Company (Tringen) facilities.   The MOU will allow for a full range of data sharing between NewGen and Tringen to facilitate the development of a robust technical and commercial case for a Carbon-Neutral & Green Hydrogen plant for Tringen’s ammonia facilities. Once successful the feasibility study would allow for the progression of Hydrogen Off-Take Agreement negotiations.

NewGen, as a locally-developed and private-sector driven project,intendsto harness renewable natural resources, and the excess heat from T&T’s power plants, to provide hydrogen by electrolysis as a creative solution to reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the Energy Transition of our hydrocarbon-based industrial complex.

Hydrogen is a critical input in ammonia production.  Currently, all hydrogen utilized in ammonia production on the island is generated solely from the steam methane reforming of natural gas.  NewGen is seeking to produce hydrogen using a proven industrial electrolysis process that is powered by electricity obtained from carbon-neutral sources such as excess heat from existing simple cycle power plants, or from green energy sources such as the recently-announced LightSource BP-Shell  solar power generation facility.  The proposed NewGen hydrogen plant, once operational, will be the single largest industrial consumer of electricity in the country.

Initial estimates are for the development of a hydrogen plant with a production capacity of 27,200 tonnes per year that would be sold to the Tringen ammonia complex.  This volume will be used as a zero-carbon supplemental feedstock stream to an existing ammonia plant and represents 25% of a typical hydrogen requirement of a Point Lisas ammonia plant. 

Since there will be no additional carbon emissions associated with this hydrogen stream, the overall carbon footprint of a tonne of ammonia produced by this process will be significantly less than that of current processes employed at the complex.  

Philip Julien, the Managing Director of NewGen said “The natural gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago has a strong tradition as a pioneer and first mover, and we are excited to bring this next phase of innovation to commence the ‘greening’ of our petrochemical industry.” Julien explained that Trinidad and Tobago is already a world scale producer of hydrogen as an intermediate product for petrochemical output.  “What NewGen is offering” he says, “is to produce Carbon-Neutral and Green Hydrogen, using electricity from carbon neutral and renewable sources.  We see this as a creative solution to reduce the carbon footprint of our hydrocarbon-based industrial complex while at the same time allowing the country to maximize the use of its natural gas resources.”

Richard de La Bastide, the VP-Operations of Tringen said “We are pleased to have this opportunity to partner with NewGen on this pioneering hydrogen project.  This has the potential to be transformational for the local energy sector and Tringen is excited to be involved in this exploratory phase.”

Tag: A Greener Future – Propelled by a New Generation of HydrogenNewGen Energy Limited ( was locally incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago as a private sector special purpose vehicle for a proposed carbon-neutral and green hydrogen production project to be located in Point Lisas, Trinidad. The development of NewGen has been sponsored by Kenesjay Systems Limited (, a local project development and consulting firm founded in 1998, with its core business of securing a sustainable energy supply for Trinidad, Tobago, and the Region

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