The New Generation of Renewable Energy Is Now!

NewGen Energy Limited (NewGen) has been developed by Kenesjay Green Limited (KGL) and is firmly aligned to Trinidad and Tobago’s agenda to expand its current and new production capability and to reinforce its position as an industry pioneer in innovations for energy transition.

In 2022, NewGen Energy Limited welcomed HDF Energy as a majority shareholder (70%), the remaining 30% ownership being retained by Kenesjay Green Limited. This development team is now firmly aligned towards the successful delivery of NewGen, a world first.


About Kenesjay Green Limited

KGL is a sustainable energy firm, leading the way in energy transition for the Caribbean. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, the company is a subsidiary of Kenesjay Systems Limited, and a knowledgeable resource for innovative ideas and solutions for the sector. Focussed on the transformation and decarbonisation of existing brownfield energy-based industries in the region, and maximising sustainable energy prospects for new industrial ‘greenfield’ projects, KGL aims to develop a pipeline of environmentally responsible, techno-economic project opportunities, which offer pioneering first-mover advantages.

About HDF Energy

HDF is a global pioneer in Hydrogen Power. HDF develops and operates large-scale Hydrogen-to-Power infrastructure to provide firm or on-demand electricity from renewable energy sources (wind or solar), combined with its own Multi-Megawatt hydrogen fuel cells. HDF has operations in the Caribbean region where it has successfully developed and financed Centrale Electrique de l’Ouest Guyanais (CEOG) – the largest green hydrogen storage in the world in French Guiana.

Our Vision

Developing Renewable Energy in Trinidad & Tobago

The NewGen Energy Limited , Carbon Neutral/ Green Hydrogen Project will produce hydrogen via the electrolysis of water utilising renewable power from a new solar power generation facility in Trinidad and Tobago and energy-efficient power.

The green hydrogen will be used as feedstock for the existing two ammonia production facilities and will have a lower product carbon footprint than the hydrogen produced from steam reforming of natural gas. This allows for the production of ammonia with a reduced carbon footprint.

The NewGen hydrogen production facility delivers a creative solution for, and contributes to, the energy transition of T&T’s hydrocarbon-based industrial complex.

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Decarbonizing Actions

Safety & Environmental Performance


Mrs. Abigail Barnwell, Project Engineer – NewGen Energy Limited
(Left) Mrs. Abigail Barnwell – Project Engineer, NewGen Energy Limited (Right) Dr. Thackwray Driver (President and CEO, T&T Energy Chamber)