The Vision

The New Generation of Renewable Energy Is Now!

NewGen will be a leader in transitioning Trinidad and Tobago into our New Generation of decarbonisation and increased renewable energy.  Our vision is to participate as a pioneer in the energy transition of Trinidad and Tobago.

NewGen are proud Silver Sponsors of

The Energy Efficiency and Renewables Virtual Conference 2020

On June 24th we will be sharing some exciting news on the greening of our hydrogen economy, and what this could mean for sector transformation and the future of energy in the country and the Caribbean. Our Green Future is dawning - and NewGen is helping make it happen! Stay tuned to the Energy Chamber channels and watch this space!

Our Mission

Developing Renewable Energy in Trinidad & Tobago

Carbon Credit Creator

Our projects will create a Co2 ‘sink and displace Co2 production from ammonia plants.

Renewable Chemical & Electrofuels

Committed to the sustainable production of key inputs into manufacturing plants

Renewable Energy Company

We are committed to develop a sustainable, green, carbon-free energy for Trinidad & Tobago

Enable Efficient Energy

Through our conversion of waste heat to valuable feed-stock for the Ammonia and Methanol industries