Who We Are

NewGen Energy Limited (NewGen), is the launch project of Kenesjay Green Limited and is firmly aligned to Trinidad and Tobago’s agenda to expand its current and new production capability and to reinforce its position as an industry pioneer in innovations for energy transition. NewGen has embarked on the development of a proposed carbon-neutral/green hydrogen production facility – a first for the country. The hydrogen output from the project is intended as a “green” input to ammonia production at the Trinidad Nitrogen Company (Tringen) facilities at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. The project will focus on production of hydrogen from an industrial electrolysis process powered by carbon-neutral electricity and “green” electricity from renewable sources. By harnessing renewable natural resources and excess heat from T&T’s power plants, NewGen will be delivering a creative solution, and contributing to the energy transition of T&T’s hydrocarbon-based industrial complex.

Our Belief

What We Are About

NewGen firmly believes that T&T stands at the forefront of regaining its international prominence as a global energy pioneer in this new era of decarbonising the energy industry, including the advent of a Hydrogen Economy in the Energy Sector of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • To provide hydrogen as an alternative for natural gas as a feed-stock and fuel for our downstream energy sector, sourced from Power Generation excess heat aka “Grey Hydrogen”.
  • To provide hydrogen as an alternative for natural gas as a feed-stock and fuel for our downstream energy sector, sourced from Renewable Energy aka “Green Hydrogen”
  • To enable a lower carbon footprint of the Trinidad & Tobago economy.
The NewGen logo represents opportunity for transitioning the energy landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Made up of green, grey and blue, the soft acknowledgement of a hydrogen molecule shows the various types of hydrogen that NewGen will be offering with a focus on grey and green energy generation.
With environmental and energy synergies, NewGen will represent the harmonious balance of nature working with nature.

NewGen Energy Limited is:

  • Clean energy
  • Crisp energy
  • New energy
NewGen energy is new energy for our new generation.

Our Directors

NewGen was born from the wisdom of the pioneering generation of T&T’s visionaries of the energy sector, combined with the passion and knowledge of the new generation of energy leaders.
Jean noel

Jean Noël de Charentenay

Deputy CEO

Organisation: HDF Energy

Area of Expertise: Business Administration

Years of Experience: 30+ years

Jean-Noel started in the computing industry from hardware to software from the 80’s to the 2000 and moved to the Renewable Energy industry in 2005. He founded a PV tracker manufacturer in 2007 and spend ten years in managing this fast-growing company from a three person to a more than one hundred person organization.


Philip Julien

Founder & Chairman

Organisation: Kenesjay Green Limited

Area of Expertise: Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Years of Experience: 20+

Philip led the r(e)volution of Kenesjay Systems Limited, taking the helm of its pioneering entity in the energy transition industry, to establish renewable and low-carbon-based energy projects for Trinidad and Tobago and the Region. Philip Julien is also the Founder of the Heroes Foundation – a registered not-for-profit non-governmental organisation which was established in 2002, to “Create the Next Generation of Heroes”.


Charlie Desmoulins

Chief Investment Officer

Organisation: HDF Energy

Area of Expertise: Industrial Engineering

Years of Experience: 15+ years

Charlie is very versed in International Tendering, Procurement, Project Financing, Project Acquisition and International Partnership Development. He began at HDF Energy as the VP Operations overseeing Mass Energy Storage Solutions and Enabling Carbon Free Base Load Productions.

anthony 2

Anthony Holder

Technical Director

Organisation: Kenesjay Green Limited

Area of Expertise: Chemical Engineering

Years of Experience: 40+ years

Anthony began his career as a Technologist at Trintoc where he worked and witnessed its transformation to Petrotrin following the merging of the acquired Texaco and Tesoro assets. He has experience in  ammonia synthesis and a wealth of hands on knowledge in the construction, start-up and operations of  ammonia and methanol plants both within remarkable time periods.


Thibault Menage

VP Caribbean

Organisation: HDF Energy

Areas of Expertise: Energy Systems and Project Management

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Thibault has great competencies in renewable energy technical development, business development, foresight and prospection. He has previously led HDF’s Business Development in the Caribbean by overseeing the development of large-scale hybrid power plants over a three-year period in French Guiana and Barbados.