NewGen Energy Ltd.

The Project

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has the largest industrial base in the Caribbean, and is a major energy exporter and top ten global producer of ammonia, methanol and liquified natural gas. T&T presents a large captive hydrogen market but is faced with declining natural gas reserves.

The NewGen Carbon Neutral/ Green Hydrogen Project will produce decarbonized hydrogen via the electrolysis of water utilising low carbon power sources from:

  • A new local solar power plant and
  • Energy-efficient power produced from waste heat

This decarbonized hydrogen will be used as feedstock for an existing industrial facility and will replace part of the hydrogen produced from natural gas. This allows for the production of ammonia with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. 

By harnessing renewable natural resources and excess heat from T&T’s power plants, the Project will deliver a creative solution, and contribute to the energy transition of T&T’s hydrocarbon-based industrial complex.


Fast Facts

Some Things To Know

Production Capacity

2.2 tonnes/hour of hydrogen through the electrolysis of water

Water Supply

Raw water to be supplied from the Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad &Tobago *

Electricity Demand

130 MW of electricity to be supplied by Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission

Electricity Source

30MW Solar PV and 100 MW via gas turbine upgrades from Single to Combined Cycle

*Will consume 0.1% of the country’s current water consumption levels (160k g/d)